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Transcription of video in foreign language

It is what you need when you have an audio, or audio and video recording, and want to have the content in writing. The audios more commonly transcribed are interviews and statements, trainings, but it can be made for any audio that needs to be recorded in writing. We provide technical services of audio and video transcription of congresses, interviews, lectures, data of dissertations, theses, essays, criminal proceedings, etc. We can make the transcription of audio and video from almost all types of recorded media, digital or analogic (tape). Quality and confidential services that meet essential ethical criteria when handling with texts and information. Depending on the quantity or content, an agreement can be signed determining the matters of client’s confidentiality and copyright, among others. Full transcription: Everything is transcribed, including mistakes (without correcting them), pauses, hesitations, repetitions, among other things that are not usually found in formal language. The resulting text may not have fluency, cohesion, coherence and correction. Corrected transcription: In this modality of audio and video transcription, the professional ignores occasional mistakes made, does not indicate pauses and other things uncommon to formal language. The resulting text is more fluent and grammatically correct.


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