Assessoria completa para cidadania italiana

Interpreters in 30 languages

MODALITIES OF INTERPRETATION Simultaneous In this modality, the lecturer speaks, the interpreters listen inside a soundproof booth and transmit their words in the audience’s language simultaneously, through transmitters and headsets. This work, except in cases of very short duration (60 minutes), is performed by two interpreters for higher safety and maintenance of interpretation quality. If the event is for a few people (up to 20), we use the portable transmitter. The interpreter makes the interpretation using a portable transmitter with a microphone, and the listeners follow the interpreter’s speech through their respective receptors (headsets). Consecutive The interpreter sits next to the lecturer to see and listen to him or her appropriately. While the lecturer speaks, the interpreter takes notes and in intervals of up to five minutes, makes the interpretation into other language. Whispered In this modality, the interpreter interprets in a low voice for up to two people, positioned very closed to the listener, so that he or she can hear clearly. We emphasize that this type is being more and more replaced by the use of the portable transmitter, for better efficiency of translator and comfort of listeners.


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