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The Desktop Publishing (Portugal: Electronic Edition) or Desktop Publishing (also known by the acronym DTP, English Desktop Publishing), electronic paging or electronic typesetting, is the issue of publications by computer combination and paging program. Desktop publishing is widely used in various segments of society, creating graphic pieces with the most varied purposes, such as to inform, persuade and illustrate information about products, services and information.

In the process, you create layouts with text, graphics, photographs and other graphics using paging programs, such as QuarkXPress, CS5, Adobe PageMaker, Page Stream, Ragtime, Scribus, Microsoft Publisher, Apple Pages and Corel Draw.

Allows a typist, operating a computer with video, with programs that unite the modern office to the graphic arts, perform the work of a whole team, from the lay-out, through copyediting, to the color separation. It is creating documents on your computer, such as Web pages, flyers, posters, catalogs, newsletters and graphics.


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