"JURAMENTADAS.COM offers a quality service, with the promptness that companies seek today. The last three companies in which I have worked, I used JURAMENTADAS.COM services to translate legal documents, in English and Spanish, and I have always been very well served. The commitment to quality and to meeting deadlines are major assets


Natalie Ghiraldelli de Oliveira


“JURAMENTADAS.COM served PEPSICO in a very efficient manner, with an extremely tight deadline and with a lot of ability with last-minute changes. If it weren’t for such flexibility, the first day of a four-day conference would have been sacrificed due to the lack of adequate simultaneous translation."

Alexandrina Lopes


“Does JURAMENTADAS.COM offer a service with the promptness that companies seek today? Yes, of course! Whenever we work with JURAMENTADAS.COM we find the same quality in every job. They meet deadlines and are very thoughtful in relation to our needs. We have nothing to complain about, JURAMENTADAS.COM works with seriousness and quality"

Robson Carvalho


“JURAMENTADAS.COM is a versatile company from the corporate point of view; no doubt it is a great solution for those searching for promptness and assertiveness”

Alcides B. dos Santos Jr.

Tudo em Pauta

“Whenever we needed JURAMENTADAS.COM services we were served with a lot of promptness and punctuality. Thus, JURAMENTADAS.COM is a reference for us when it comes to service and competence, making us comfortable to recommend it and have it as a partner in our services"

Fábio Souza – Financial Department – Tudo em Pauta Press Office

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