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We are a translation agency consolidated in the national market, with wide experience, formed by a team of highly qualified professionals, sculpted by the EXPERIENCE of leaving in Brazil and abroad. We are committed to quality of services provided and to promptness when serving our clients. We make our best efforts to gain the loyalty of our clients and to help to build a better, greater country, since we are one of BRIC countries.

In order to better serve our clients, we constantly invest in information.

Our professional references of Public Agencies or Private Companies are in our referenced CLIENTS page. See also the statements of our clients!

History of the company

JURAMENTADAS.COM, a company founded by an Italian immigrant A.C.B. in 1976, since the beginning of her trajectory and opening of her business, working as an executive secretary for multinational companies, began to improve in her segment thanks to the constant concern with the fidelity of her translations, were they scientific, literary, technical, legal, sworn, or even of specific segments.

As a multilingual secretary of multinational companies, by that time, they would translate any subject, no matter what. By the time of IBM typewriters with typeballs and with no compensation for the accomplishment… they performed miracles!

For this purpose, she established over the years partnerships in the most diverse segments, allying all linguistic knowledge of her translators to consulting of professionals of several areas, resulting, thus, in a faithful transcription of original documents in more different languages, working with more than 63 translators.

Today, JURAMENTADAS.COM invests in its growth, from its structure, broadening its businesses in the financial heart of Latin America – in Paulista Ave., until the constant training of its professionals and employees

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Commitment to the client

Mission:To accomplish its mission and to provide communication between companies and people, facilitating relations, fostering businesses and opportunities, meeting the demands of a globalized world. We translate because we like what we do.

1. Complete quality: Of services provided, by using international standard that standardizes services of text translation.

2. Commitment:To understand the needs of our clients.

3. Information Security: Information provided by clients are confidential and kept under strict security.

4. Promptness: we use technology to increase productivity, providing efficiency and agility.

5. Reasonable Price: quality does not cost more! We have the best prices in the market.

Interpreters for international fairs and events

JURAMENTADAS.COM is prepared for your needs in any field!

With the fast market expansion, multinational companies had to adopt corporate communication tools to keep their market position. This includes everything. From products packaging until their manuals, marketing and advertising material, in order to communicate effectively with clients, the company needs to keep consistency in several cultures and several file formats to adapt to local markets.

In case of companies with high volumes of translation, JURAMENTADAS.COM has a separated department with special conditions and with project managers that can help you to establish what your real needs are. This modality also includes the creation of a translation memory, where all material translated is stored and can be used in future translations, resulting in data standardization, consistency and mainly cost saving.

Also in this modality we set the values in advance, thus the jobs can be pre-approved, optimizing the quotation process.

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